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Custom home designs

We understand that for most people, custom projects are a big investment and you want to ensure you're getting the best value possible. If you're unsure about which products to use for your project, we can help answer any questions you may have.

From countertops to flooring, heating solutions to building materials, we can guide you through the options and provide expert designs, engineered solutions, and innovative ideas to build anything from a deck, kitchen renovation, additions and repairs, to custom homes and commercial buildings.

At JL Builders, we take the time to discuss your needs, understand your concerns, and visualize your vision for the project. Our unique professional designs and detailed workmanship speak for themselves. Our projects meet the highest standards of building envelope, energy efficiency, and sustainability while creating an eye-pleasing form that meets all functional requirements.

If you're looking for cheap and mediocre workmanship, you're in the wrong place. Contact us for your building needs - JL Builders is all about building!


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