About JL Builders

JL Builders Custom home exteriors

Who we are

JL Builders specializes in building projects with innovative designs and quality workmanship to create attractive, functional and often unique spaces that enhance living and improve functionality. Our experienced staff can provide incredible improvements and solutions to your home and renovation needs. We work with our customers to ensure that all of our projects exceed expectations, while meeting budgets and adding value.

Custom home building

What we do

JL Builders is a custom building company, we offer a variety of services which include: quality built custom homes, custom kitchen cabinets and kitchen designs; renovations, remodelling, additions and design services. We only partner with the best. Our standards of quality extend to all of the latest and best products that we use, our sub trades, designers, engineers and our carpenters. We take pride in all of our work from the smallest deck to the biggest home!

Custom home interiors

Where we come from

JL Builders is owned and operated by John and Luke Barban, based out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, at the center of beautiful Northern Ontario. After graduating from College and University, and starting out in their secure careers at “desk jobs”, John and Luke gave up on ordinary and followed their family tradition and love of carpentry to start building projects that they can be proud of!

JL Builders Ontario Custom Homes

Beginning to build

In early 2009, they made it official, and JL Builders started making a mark in the Sault and area for quality workmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. Their goals are simple; to build an excellent reputation based on quality products that produce satisfied customers. This is not as simple as it sounds. For John and Luke that means a lot of hands on work, integrity and research. They test their products, utilize the newest and best technologies, and demand the best from their suppliers and sub trades.

JL Builders didn’t just happen overnight. The Barban family name has been associated with hard work, quality buildings, design innovation, engineering excellence, and business integrity for over 40 years. JL Builders are committed to doing the best job and offering the best service that they possibly can because this is what they are made of.


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